Back at the end of last year, researchers from FLEXIS contributed to the COP Cymru series of events, these events were an opportunity for a wide variety of stakeholders in Wales to engage in important discussions around climate change.

On the afternoon of day 2 of COP Cymru, FLEXIS hosted a net zero summit with talks from FLEXIS investigators Professor Dave Worsley, Professor Alan Guwy and Dr Chris Groves, and Joanna Clarke of SPECIFIC. These presentations showcased the collaboration between academia and industry in Wales under the FLEXIS project and how these activities work towards Wales’ net zero objectives.

The sessions covered a range of exciting subjects addressed by the FLEXIS project including hydrogen-powered transport, energy positive office spaces powered by onsite renewables as well the social science of implementing net zero policies and how these changes impact people’s lives. In addition to this, there was an engaging and informative Q&A session where members of the public could get involved with the discussions and find out more about net zero buildings, transport and society.

Professor Alan Guwy said ‘This event was an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the research work the FLEXIS team have been carrying out in close collaboration with industry and how we are building on these successes to bring together even larger teams of academic, industrial partners, government and stakeholders to provide real solutions for a net zero carbon future in Wales and beyond.’

The full selection of the week’s talks is available on demand.

You can watch day 2’s events here with the FLEXIS section starting at around 4:14:35: