FLEXIS Investigator Professor Nick Pidgeon takes part in The National Academies’ Climate Conversations

Professor Nick Pidgeon took part in The National Academies Climate Conversations earlier this week on the subject of ocean carbon dioxide removal.

To combat climate change, in addition to reducing emissions, we will also need to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Ocean CDR (ocean carbon dioxide removal) is a set of strategies to sequester carbon dioxide in ocean waters.

Climate Conversations: Pathways to Action is a monthly webinar series from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that aims to convene high-level, cross-cutting, nonpartisan conversations about issues relevant to national policy action on climate change.

Remarking on the conversation Professor Pidgeon said: ‘A systems view of the net zero challenge shows us that, alongside reconfigured energy systems, we will almost certainly need major changes to the way we manage the marine and land-based natural resources of Wales, in particular, to remove residual carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere at scale.’

He added: ‘This event, which was viewed live by over 800 participants in both North America and worldwide, was a first-class opportunity to showcase some of the theoretical and methodological work developed by the FLEXIS social sciences team on how to engage publics with unfamiliar future net zero technologies and the carbon removal challenge’

In addition to Professor Pidgeon, Professor Holly Buck, assistant professor of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Buffalo also took part, in addition to moderator by Dr Sarah Cooley of Ocean Conservancy and currently a Coordinating Lead Author on Working Group II of the IPCC’s 6th Assessment report.

You can view the conversation here: