FLEXIS researchers certify as Carbon Literate

The world-leading research conducted under FLEXIS is at the forefront of decarbonising our energy supply.

Since 2016, FLEXIS has recruited 78 researchers who are tackling global energy challenges; working alongside some of Wales’ leading engineers and building on the world class capability that already exists in Welsh universities.

Recently, three of these researchers invested in their own personal and professional development by certifying as Carbon Literate.

Carbon Literacy training is an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis. The course was specifically designed for post graduate researchers in Cardiff University’s School of Engineering; placing a greater emphasis on the ways that engineering and research                                                                                                                                      both contribute to, and help mitigate, global warming.

FLEXIS Research Associate, Dr Renato Zagorscak, who is now certified as carbon literate, said:

The training was really helpful in getting a better understanding, not only of the technical aspects of carbon literacy, but also the social and political aspects of climate change that are often overlooked.

I’m now able to add this certification on my CV. As I continue my research into geoenergy and carbon storage technologies and develop new projects and teams, I’m more aware of how I can reduce emissions on an individual and organisational basis and the wider impact this can have on the world.

The training was developed by The Carbon Literacy Training Organisation and delivered by Cynnal Cymru. It offered a mix of facilitated sessions, group tasks and self-directed study, with participants able to gain certification by completion of evidence forms after the course.

The session was organised by FLEXIS Project Development Officer, Karolina Rucinska, who said:

FLEXIS aim to improve sustainability within the project as well as through our research. As part of this goal, I attended the Carbon Literacy training earlier in the year. I now have an increased knowledge and awareness on green behaviour at home and work that I can apply and share. It provided me with advice on how to create greener homes and workplaces and shone a spotlight on how we can bridge a gap between climate change theory and action at a project level.

Soon more FLEXIS employees will undertake carbon literacy certification with some aiming to become training providers themselves, further highlighting FLEXIS and its employees as leaders in achieving a low carbon future.

More information on the Carbon Literacy Training delivered through Cynnal Cymru can be found here: