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The GRC is equipped with a state-of-the-art 3D visualisation suite that allows the comprehensive modelling of virtual reality displays and the visualisation of large-scale numerical simulations.

The Facility

This new facility, funded as part of a £186,000 Knowledge Exploitation Fund project at the GRC, consists of a cutting edge stereoscopic workstation and a large active stereo wall. This enables a detailed visual exploration of problems experienced by companies in the geoenvironmental sector.

System Specification

The 3D virtual reality platform delivers high brightness, high resolution real-time or video imagery. Highly realistic stereoscopic images can be made to appear to float in space, giving a superb sense of depth to the visualisation.

The projector is fixed in a rig and ceiling mounted. The users wear active stereo LCD shutter glasses, which are controlled by an infra-red emitter. The Active StereoWall provides an interactive interface, and the system is also useful for providing 2D presentations using PC’s or AV inputs. The protection system is equipped with a sophisticated automated presentation control, making switching between the various video sources extremely straightforward and without the need for manually swapping cabling or inputs. A 5-speaker surround sound system is also included for full sensory exploration.

This new facility boasts a projected active stereoscopic display as follows:

  • Ceiling mounted Christie Digital Mirage 2000 lumen projector
  • 274 x 183 cms Wraparound wall mounted screen
  • 10 x active LCD stereoscopic shutter glasses and infra-red emitters
  • Control system using VP control software and Crestron LCD touch panel display
  • Audio Visual package including high quality 5 speaker sound system