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The coal resource assessment tool calculates the amount of coal that needs to be gasified every day in order to produce the required amount of syngas per day (MJ/day) which needs to be burned in the power plant to produce this electricity demand per day (MWh/day).

The coal resource assessment tool takes into consideration the following:

  • Size of power plant
  • Years of operation and % of operation of power plant
  • Type of coal
  • Gasification efficiency
  • Sweep efficiency

Provides information about:

  • The coal resources needed for a specific power plant
  • The tons of coal per day that need to be gasified in order to provide the power plant with the energy that needs every day (Tons/ module day )
  • The energy that is produced from every ton of gasified coal ( MWh/ton of coal )
  • The size of the UCG model

Information is needed about the width of the coal seam and the available coal resources in the area which can be obtained from existing maps provided by BGS or from drilling

Potential user: mining companies, mines, environmental consultancies, professional engineering and project management consultancies in oil and gas industry, etc.

This tool will be ready shortly.