Dr Peter Brabham

Peter Brabham has worked with Cardiff University’s Geoenvironmental Research Centre (GRC) for over a decade and is presently on part-time secondment to the FLEXIS project to provide his geological and geophysical expertise in support of FLEXIS project areas. Peter has also designed and supported FLEXIS ground drilling programmes. He has a lifelong interest in the historical mining of coal in South Wales. This interest, which having laid dormant for many years due to the demise of conventional mining in the UK,  is now in demand again for the creation of accurate geological models to support FLEXIS  in directing future ground energy initiatives. He is presently working with FLEXIS on ways of creating 3D computer models of abandoned coalmines from historical 2D mine plans. Accurate 3D ground models are required in the present and future evaluation of abandoned coal mines for their mine water heat potential. Many South Wales coal mines were mined for over 100 years, often with 8 to 12 different seam horizons in geologically complex areas, extending 6 or more miles in radius from the mine shafts. There are over 1200 known historical coal mines in South Wales, so this 3D mapping task will keep him busy for quite a while. Peter also has a life interest in photography and uses UAV imagery to create 3D landscape models for geo-environmental landscape analysis.

Peter has a BSc  in Applied Geophysics from Cardiff University and a PhD in the application of high-resolution seismic techniques applied to coal exploration from Durham University. Peter’s career research interests are generally in the application of geophysical techniques to evaluating geo-environmental problems such as hydrogeology, landslides, contaminated land assessment and landfill evaluation. He has supervised many PhD students in areas of geo-environmental evaluation and is presently helping FLEXIS with ongoing anthropogenic micro seismicity research initiatives. Peter is the Director of Taught Postgraduate programmes in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Cardiff University. The MSc Programme he manages has a 25-year reputation of collaboration with professional geo-environmental companies throughout South Wales and the UK. The Cardiff MSc programme has over 600 postgraduate alumni working in professional geo-environmental companies and government environmental agencies across the world.


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