Agustin Valera-Medina

Agustin Valera-Medina is a Professor at Cardiff School of Engineering, U.K. He has participated as PI/Co-I in 29 industrial projects with multinationals including PEMEX, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Ricardo, Airbus, and BP, attracting approximately £12.4M in research. He has published 181 papers (h-index 26), 46 of these specifically concerning ammonia for power. He has supervised 28 PhD students, 9 on ammonia-combustion related topics.

Dr. Valera-Medina led Cardiff’s contribution to the Innovate-UK “Decoupled Green Energy” Project (2015–2018) led by Siemens and in partnership with STFC and the University of Oxford, which aimed to demonstrate the use of green ammonia produced from wind energy. He is currently PI of the project SAFE-AGT (EP/T009314/1, £1.9M) to demonstrate the use of ammonia as an efficient gas turbine fuel. He leads the combustion work package of the H2020 project FLEXnCONFU (884157), a €12.7M project conceived to demonstrate ammonia power in large turbine engines.

He is also PI and co-I of projects related to ammonia for transportation, propulsion, and heat/cooling (including OceanRefuel, MariNH3, Dock2Dock, Ammonia Optimization, Ambust, etc.). He has been part of various scientific boards, chairing sessions in international conferences and moderating large industrial panels on the topic of “Ammonia for Direct Use.” He supported the preparation of two Royal Society Policy Briefings on “Green Ammonia”. He is currently chair of the “Combustion and Emissions” working group of the Ammonia Energy Association, and co-Director of the Green Ammonia Working Group UK. He is the main author of the book ‘Techno-economic challenges of ammonia as energy vector’ (Elsevier).

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