Richard Marsh

Prof Marsh is a thermal and process engineer, specialising in gas turbines, renewable oxidation / gasification technologies for biomass energy and manufacturing. He focusses on large industrial energy research, in particular the deployment of renewable fuels such as hydrogen, waste and biomass derived fuels and industrial feedstocks. He has led a number of large EU and RCUK funded research projects, examining the use of renewable fuels and novel technologies for carbon capture. He is the Cardiff University lead for the CDT in resilient decarbonised fuel energy systems, with a portfolio of more than £10M funding since 2007. He is currently a co-investigator on two EPSRC Network+ projects examining carbon capture and carbon sustainable aviation fuel.

Prof Marsh has worked as a research associate and project manager on a range of energy related projects including gasification and combustion of biomass and waste. During this time he undertook a number of collaborative projects with companies such as RWE, Castle Cement and Progressive Energy. He took a lectureship in the School of Engineering in 2008 and became involved with the School’s Gas Turbine Research Centre (GTRC). To date he has worked on and led a variety of research projects and presented at major international conferences, including ASME, ICLASS and ICSW. He currently works collaboratively with companies including Rolls-Royce, eon, TATA, EU EASA, Stork B V and others.

Funding sources for his research include TSB, EPSRC, EU FP7, ERDF, Welsh Government and industry. Current research projects include combustion processes for the development of capture ready power plants, work funded via the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre. His portfolio also includes research into the nature of particulate matter from aircraft; research into power plant flexibility and use of alternative fuels; atomisation and spray formation in heavy fuels; and fundamental studies of swirl combustion processes with variable fuel compositions.

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