WP 0 Delivery



This work package is related to the management of the FLEXIS operation as a whole. A strong project management approach is proposed, to ensure that the work is successfully delivered. Although the work is based in three separate universities in Wales and the work will be performed in a number of research infrastructures, on various sites, the operation as a whole will be delivered in a tightly managed and integrated fashion.


This work package is essential to enable FLEXIS to proceed as an integrated project. Without the activities described herein, the operation cannot proceed. The following project management and co-ordination activities will be carried out:
a) The FLEXIS Project Manager and Delivery Team will manage and co-ordinate FLEXIS, and will report directly to Prof P J Bowen, who will have overall responsibility for the operation (the management structure will be given in ‘Section 6 - Management of Operation’).
b) Administering the contract, including reporting activities, preparing claims etc.
c) Liaising with WEFO, and all other external stakeholders.
d) Working with external networks to facilitate FLEXIS research funding generation.
e) Procuring a range of activities via a tendering process (including the preparation of tender documents, evaluation, selection of tenders and audit).
f) Facilitating management and steering board meetings.
g) Co-ordinating the activities of the operation as a whole, and liaising with WP leaders and/or delegates to collate evidence of deliverables in an acceptable format.
h) Setting objectives, deliverables and milestones in liaison with the research teams, and monitoring progress on a regular basis.
i) Initiating and co-ordinating central initiatives to support deliverables;
j) Developing relationships with local actors (e.g. local authorities) to enable the demonstrator sites to proceed.
k) Collating and facilitating cross-cutting themes.
l) Developing a marketing strategy and co-ordinating publicity and marketing.
m) Co-ordinating mandatory external assessments and evaluations.

FLEXIS Integration

Owing to its position as the work package for overall management of the FLEXIS West Wales and the Valleys and East Wales operations, it is strongly connected with all of the research themes, project pillars and other work packages.