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The Geoenvironmental Research Centre (GRC) is based in the Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University. The School is an established Centre of Excellence within Europe, with modern laboratories and state-of-the-art computer facilities.

The mission of the GRC is to undertake research and development; to provide leadership and education; and to engage with industry at the leading edge of the geoenvironmental arena.

The work of the GRC ranges from fundamental studies and speculative research, to the development of commercial projects and applications through knowledge and technology transfer.

The types of project typically undertaken at the GRC include contaminated land clean-up technologies; landfill engineering; land reclamation; slope stability; soil strengthening; waste disposal (including high level nuclear waste); examining the behaviour of unsaturated soil; monitoring heat losses from buried objects; attenuation characteristics of soils; and geoenvironmental engineering solutions to carbon dioxide sequestration.

The GRC prides itself on providing specialist education through PhD, MPhil and MSc programmes. The Centre has a number of highly experienced experts and benefits from strong links with a number of other academic institutions.

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geo — Greek prefix meaning ‘Earth’ in the sense of ‘ground’ or ‘land’.
environmental — Pertaining to that which surrounds us.