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Transnational and Global Collaboration

Links with other EU Convergence areas

Seren puts particular attention into synergies with other EC Convergence areas and low carbon geo-projects. Links with relevant EC organisations and initiatives have been developed to offer Welsh businesses access to European expertise, facilities and networks.

Objectives of Seren transnational activities:

  • Collaborating with other EC Convergence areas and low carbon geo-projects.
  • Assisting Welsh companies in exporting their products and services.
  • Linking Welsh companies up with low carbon technology providers and problem holders worldwide.
  • Attracting companies working on innovative low-carbon technologies to Wales.

Examples of transnational activities:

  • Framework to share good practice in a systematic and organised way, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Capacity building – training courses and researcher / student exchange.
  • Joint research programmes, projects and experiments.
  • Study tours.

Benefits from transnational / global collaboration:

  • Identified R&D and commercial opportunities.
  • Access to research infrastructure and complementing expertise.
  • Shared best practice.
  • Access to new funding sources.
  • Access to new partners and opportunities – using partner networks.
  • Identified innovative technologies that can benefit Welsh companies.
  • Welsh companies introduced to Polish/ European/global markets.

Seren transnational collaboration partners:

One example of such an activity is the interface between the GRC and the Clean Coal Technologies Centre (CCTC), a project established by the Central Mining Institute (CMI), Poland.

The Institute is based in Katowice, the capitol of Poland’s mining region. It is currently managing a €45M ERDF co-funded project called ‘The Clean Coal Technologies Centre’.

This is the largest infrastructure investment project in the Silesian region, aiming to create leading EU research and know-how development for the commercialisation of innovative clean coal technologies. The unique research infrastructure of the CCTC includes demonstrative installations for advanced research and development.

The CCTC plans to produce the following:

  • New research laboratories and installations.
  • A modernisation and upgrading of existing research laboratories.
  • The creation of new workplaces.
  • Cooperation with other national, EU and international research and industrial institutions working in the field of low carbon technologies.

Seren’s working relationship and collaboration with CMI developed as a result of previous EU funded projects and followed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Wales and Silesia in 2002. This Memorandum reinforced an economic, social and cultural co-operation between the two regions.

Links with GRC global contacts

Seren also aims to assist Welsh businesses in promoting and exporting their products and services globally.

These services are being delivered to Welsh companies through the extensive network of GRC strategic partnerships, with leading research organisations and high level governmental bodies in China, India, Ghana and Nigeria, as well as close collaborations with UNIDO, UNESCO, IAEA and other intergovernmental organisations.

Seren Global Collaboration Partners: