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Environmental problems are costing the earth its finite resources and are affecting its animals, plants and other living beings. These problems require professional solutions that are progressive, cost effective and scientifically sound, and these solutions must be tested, documented and monitored to the standards set by regulatory bodies.

Environmental problems, including geoenvironmental issues, are not confined to the point of origin. They tend to migrate through transport media, such as air, moisture and water, and ultimately affect wider areas. A recent example of this is the arsenic poisoning of groundwater in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The GRC was born of the need to overcome modern environmental problems and to contribute to the global effort of improving our habitat. The GRC was formed in 1996 by Professor Raymond Yong, a leading international authority in geoenvironmental engineering; and Professor Hywel Thomas, who has worked for years on international programs tackling the disposal of nuclear waste and other geoenvironmental problems.