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These laboratory facilities provide the capacity to study the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of soil and rock.

Conventional laboratory tests:

  • Soil grading/classification and plasticity
  • Automated triaxial testing
  • Direct shear test
  • Permeameters (fixed-wall and flexible-wall; constant head and falling head)
  • Conventional oedometer test
  • Leaching test device
  • Rowe cell
  • Vane shear
  • Compaction tests
  • CBR test

Advanced laboratory tests:

  • Pressure plate extractors
  • Volumetric pressure plate extractor
  • CU-net stress-suction cell
  • Relative humidity and temperature probes
  • Multi-purpose closed oedometers (suction, net stress, temperature controlled)
  • Null-type axis translation device
  • Filter paper method
  • Osmotic test
  • Volume measurement using Clod test and Wax tests
  • Oedometer test with pore water pressure and permeability measurement
  • Automated triaxial testing for unsaturated soils with volume change measurement (axis-translation technique)
  • Chemical tests (mainly with CLEER labs)
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Medical centrifuge
  • Geotechnical centrifuge