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The bespoke high pressure high temperature rig has been developed by the ‘Underground Coal Gasification’ (UCG) work package of the Seren project. The main purpose of the rig is to test different coal samples in order to determine how they react with various gases at pressures of up to 50 bar and temperatures of up to 900°C.

The rig will provide important information which can be used in:

  • The development of a UCG programme in Wales;
  • Supporting a demonstration project in UCG which could ultimately lead to its commercialisation in Wales, providing a low carbon energy supply and energy security;
  • Collaboration with mines, mining companies and environmental consultancies;
  • Creating a ‘Centre of Expertise’.

The rig can be run in two different ways, providing gasification data or environmental data. The gasification of coal chars with a combination of oxidants at different pressures and temperatures will determine the effect of several operation variables (temperature, pressure and gasifying agent composition) on gas production. In addition, information on other process parameters such as gas yield, carbon conversion, cold gas efficiency, heating value (of the gas), pressure and temperature operation limits, together with the reactivities of the coal, can be ascertained.

The environmental data is produced by the devolatilisation of coal at different pressures and temperatures in order to quantify and analyse the resulting contaminants.