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The Equality and Diversity toolkit is a free software toolkit to assist Welsh Small and Medium enterprises to develop equality and diversity strategies and action plans.

Having an equality and diversity statement and action plan these days is seen as a basic requirement for enterprises, not just for the wellbeing of their staff, but also as an integral part of tendering for grants and funding.

Developing an Equality and Diversity policy can be a daunting task, particularly for smaller enterprises who may not have access to an equality and diversity specialist, and who may not understand some of the precise terms used in the field. Templates available on the internet are not generally tailored for the needs of the specific enterprise.

The Seren Equality and Diversity (E&D) Toolkit has been developed specifically with smaller organisations, social enterprises and third sector organisations in mind. The toolkit is simple, easy to use and can help an organisation to develop an equality and diversity policy tailored for their requirements in key policy areas. Generated E&D action plans can be saved or printed for future reference.

In addition to this, the toolkit also provides a generic E&D statement that can be shown and distributed amongst employees/trading partners and a comprehensive glossary of key E&D terms that can be used as reference or to further enhance an individual’s knowledge.

By developing this easy to use tool, it is hoped that the GRC’s Seren project will be of direct benefit to Welsh SMEs striving to improve or adopt equality and diversity policies and furthermore, will increase the competitive edge of Welsh enterprises through diverse thinking.

To request a copy of the GRC Seren Equality and Diversity Toolkit or to request further information, please contact:

The GRC, (Seren project), School of Engineering,
Cardiff University, The Queen’s Buildings,
The Parade, Newport Road,
Cardiff, CF24 3AA
Tel: +44 (0) 29 2087 0497
Email: Seren@Cardiff.ac.uk