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The Advanced Computational Modelling work package aims to deliver a suite of advanced computational products, which will support the design and assessment of the geo-energy facilities that will emerge in Wales and around the world over the next few years.

Seren’s advanced computational tools will be capable of dealing with large scale complex geological systems and with the coupled processes that appear in the field of geo-energy.

These analytical tools may be used to support the commercial and research needs of companies working on applications such as:

  • geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in coal seams and methane extraction;
  • underground coal gasification;
  • ground source heat; and
  • other unconventional gas exploitations.

These new and innovative products are designed to make a significant contribution to the ability of Welsh companies to compete in the global geo-energy marketplace. We believe they will encourage the growth of high tech computer based companies in Wales.

The internationally recognised expertise within Seren will ensure that leading edge technology can be incorporated within these new products. Companies adopting them will receive a competitive advantage due to the unique nature of the software being developed.

The activities proposed in this Work Package will address problems related to the theoretical, numerical and computational aspects of the simulated processes involved in geo-energy technologies. The main output from this work will be the development of a series of robust computational products. These products contain the advanced theoretical/numerical platform required for the utilisation of high performance computational schemes.

The advances underlying the products include:

  • the reactive transport of gases in deep geological formations (coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-biogeochemical formulations);
  • integrated geophysical/geological modelling;
  • high performance computing; and
  • advanced 3D visualisation.

These new developments are incorporated in the novel software model COMPASS. COMPASS, developed at the GRC, has served to illustrate the robustness of the model. The code has been developed and applied to study various aspects relating to the geological disposal of high level radioactive waste over a period of years. The new capabilities included in COMPASS through this work package will enable the team to deliver world class tools to Welsh companies, acting as a worldwide Centre of Expertise.