Dr Lee Hosking

Joining Date: 01/07/2010

Lee’s research interests lie in the computational modelling of coupled thermal, hydraulic, chemical and mechanical (THCM) behaviour in the geoenvironment. He is particularly experienced in the study of reactive transport processes in fractured rock in response to high pressure gas injection and displacement. It was in this area that he developed a theoretical and computational modelling platform as part of his doctoral research at the GRC.

Throughout his PhD and into his current post, Lee applied the developed model in the study of geological carbon sequestration, a technology which involves isolating carbon dioxide in the geoenvironment that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. As part of an integrated energy system, carbon sequestration is widely regarded as a key part of strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

This research is part of a £24.5 million research project, named FLEXIS, focused upon meeting the global energy needs of the future. As leader of the Carbon Sequestration in Coal and Soil work package, Lee’s ambition is to help coordinate work in this area to ultimately enhance our understanding of the geoenvironment for such geoenergy applications.


2010-2014: PhD Geoenvironmental Engineering, Cardiff University (GRC Seren project)

2006-2010: MEng Civil Engineering, Cardiff University, First Class (Hons)

Research Publications


  • Hosking, L., Thomas, H. R. and Sedighi, M. “A dual porosity model of high pressure gas flow for geoenergy applications”, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 2017.
  • Sarhosis, V., Hosking, L. and Thomas, H. R.. “Carbon sequestration potential of the South Wales Coalfield”, Environmental Geotechnics, 2016.


  • Hosking, L.J. and Thomas, H.R.“ An investigation of the pseudo-steady state approach to modelling inter-porosity flow in fractured geomaterials”. GeoShanghai International Conference, Shanghai, China, 27-30 May 2018.
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  • Hosking, L.J., Thomas, H.R., Sarhosis, V., Price, N., Koj, A. “Assessment of reservoir conditions and engineering factors influencing coal bed methane recovery in the South Wales Coalfield”, Proceedings of the 15th Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 15-18 November 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 761-768, DOI 10.3233/978-1-61499-603-3-753
  • Sarhosis, V., Jaya, A.A., Hosking, L.J., Koj, A., Thomas, H.R. “Techno-economics for coalbed methane production in the South Wales coalfield”, Clean Coal Technology Conference (CCT2015), 17–21 May 2015, Kraków, Poland
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  • Hosking, L, “Reactive transport modelling of high pressure gas flow in coal”, PhD thesis, Cardiff University, 2014

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