Mr Antoine Liebert

Joining Date: 07/03/2014

Antoine Liebert has a Master Eng. in Earth Science (Graduated in 2013) from Polytech Paris-UPMC, the engineering school of the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France). He has chosen the major “Resources” for his last Master’s year.

During his engineering course, he has done three internships. The firsts two (Two months duration each) consisted in Geotechnics and construction projects management. The final internship (6 months) took place in the General Geophysics department of CGG in Massy (France). Antoine was in charge of the Research and Development of the TDEM (Time Domain Electromagnetics). He has participated to different acquisition missions and processing and interpretation phases with electrical and electromagnetic methods. Antoine was also in charge of the development of Matlab routines aiming to make the processing of frequency domain electromagnetic data easier.

He is specialized in near surface geophysics, but has also a good knowledge in seismic acquisition and data processing, geology, well logging, rock mechanics, geotechnics and programming.

Antoine is visiting the GRC to work on numerical analysis of thermal data as a part of the POSIVA OY project.

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